05 Januari, 2009

CYCLING: Maniam: Jolidon issue must be settled quickly By : Arnaz M. Khairul

MNCF vice president Maniam Manikkam says that
Jacques Jolidon should not hold back when making his case.

IN calling for the Jacques Jolidon issue to be swiftly settled, Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) vice president Maniam Manikkam yesterday also lambasted the disfunctioning committees within the federation.
Maniam, who also chairs the technical and competitions committee, made known his displeasure of the "deviant practices" which he said would have been at the expense of development.

"We have to look at ourselves first. Look at what we are doing. Then what happened with the Jolidon case will be better understood," said Maniam.

Swiss coach Jolidon hit the headlines after he alleged the MNCF to have promised him a job as head coach of the national road team and, subsequently, is making a hefty demand for reimbursement of expenses following his rejection.

"Whatever the case, we have to solve it quickly. If there is any grounds for Jolidon to make any claims, he should not hold back, as we are sincere," Maniam added.
"But when I asked him to furnish me with proof and documentation of his claims so that I can bring up the matter at our exco meeting, he declined.

"Why must he do this? If he wants to play games, we should just move on."

Maniam explained that Jolidon's case was another which should highlight the importance of every committee within the federation to be functioning and communication between officials should not be limited by personal grudges.

He brought up the matter of the national junior squads which had under-performed in the previous two Asian Junior Championships as cause for concern.

"I must admit that our junior development committee had not been fully functional. But instead of blaming them, some of us just had to be proactive, even at the risk of being accused of taking matters into our own hands," said Maniam.

"We ensured that we expanded the SportExcel National Junior Circuits. This year we will see more legs of the road circuit and an additional track circuit compared to last year. We're also planning a junior stage race at the end of the year.

"If we all seriously looked into the development of coaches, then in future there would be no need to look outside of the country.

"But last year, we had only 72 registered coaches under the federation and few saw the need to improve on this."

The coaching committee had last week completed the fourth leg of their nationwide coaching courses in Port Dickson which Maniam said has been run with a budget sourced entirely by the two committees.

Coaching committee chairman Yunus Ibrahim said this was part of the development plan for coaches, which the committee hopes will churn out a charter of more than 200 qualified coaches by next year.

"We even worked out a plan to give the trainees practical exposure during legs of the SportExcel National Junior Circuit. We cannot wait for things to just happen, because they won't," said Yunus, when contacted.

The National Junior Circuit begins its year-round programme with the first leg of the road circuit in Putrajaya next weekend.

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