21 November, 2009

Wuhan Road Race Championship (China)

On a cold and windy day,on 8/11/2009 morning 9.45 am local time,one of the most beautiful situated race location in China Wuhan,
Team Terengganu CCN Bikelabz made history for Terengganu Cycling (MSNT),by being the first Malaysia State invited to race in China,
With careful planning and sleepless nights,the team manageress Miss Rebecca Peters,team co-ordinator Mr. Nasiruddin Idrus,CCN Mr.
Colin Leung,were able to produce,riders,logistics and the race paraphernalia ready and be at the race circuit at Wuhan as per schedule
between Terengganu state,Singapore,Hong Kong and to China Wuhan.
None of the team members,including the riders had ever race in China before.They were impressed by the cold attitude and extreme
effieciency of the local Chinese riders.Mind you,not the food!Thats take longer to appreciate.
On the race day,decided to play spoil sport because of foreign land,and so instead of our 3 riders only 2qualified on the top 10 podium,
Amirull (Baam) on 8 th position,Saiful Anuar Aziz on 10th position,and Mohd. Shobry finish near Saiful in the field of 180 riders.At this
level the competition is intense.Considering the cold weather,windy and the air is dry so its was hurting the riders throats.


Thank To Mr. Chai Bikelabz From Dungun Cycling Team.

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